An Explanation of Uttanasana Steps And Benefits Are All Here!

Yoga is most popular means to keep body, mind, and soul in co-ordination. Those who are face daily life challenges consider Yoga as the best option to feel relaxed. There are many Yoga asana that one should consider undertaking in the daily routine and one of them is Uttanasana. It is also called Standing Forward Bend pose. The asana is highly recommended to boost oxygen in body. Though it is sometimes considered as simple posture but one should be familiar with right technique for long lasting results.

Step by step to perform Uttanasana

Here are the steps for performing Uttanasana:

1.     First of all take standing position. Then keep your shoulders as well as feet distance apart to one another

2.     Then press your feet in to the ground powerfully

3.     Then breathe out and bend down from hips and place the chest as well as stomach on thighs

4.     If you are new to this asana then bend your knees slightly

5.     Now, straighten your legs and check that chest and abdomen do not leave your thighs.

6.     Lift up your hips like you have straighten via your hamstring muscles or else press the heels in the ground

7.     Once you start feeling comfortable, cross the forearms and garb the elbow and hang the head downwards

8.     If your body is flexible then you can bring the palms to ground or else hold the heels from behind

9.     Begin to hold the pose for at least 30 seconds

10. Ensure to gentle inhale and exhale while you are in this posture

11.  While you breathe in, lift and lengthen the torso with every exhalation and try to move deeper and deeper into stretch

12.   You are not recommended to shut your eyes while you do this asana

Benefits of Uttanasana:

·        Maintain functioning of liver, spleen, and kidneys

·        Bring flexibility to hips

·        Increase the knees and spine strength

·        Improve blood circulation

·        Improve alignment and posture
useful for legs calves and hamstrings

·        Bring improvement to nervous system and endocrine

·        Helpful for cell growth in body in cellular growth.


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